Cannonborough Craft Sodas is a soda company based in South Carolina. For this project, I redesigned the packaging of my favorite Cannonborough drink: their Ginger Beer. Cannonborough values fresh ingredients and quality products, but I don't think their current packaging emphasizes that enough. The goal of this redesign was to emphasize these values, while also establishing Cannonborough in the historic side of the craft drink industry.
Creation Process
I started out by very roughly sketching out any initial ideas I had. The left page contains my rapidfire sketches as ideas came, and the right page are some more refined ideas. During this process I was trying to figure out both the deliverable I wanted to design, and what the overall feel of the project should be.
From here I picked the bottle to design, and moved into “sketching” my ideas out on the computer (pictured below).
I picked a few of those “computer sketches” that I liked, and moved back to paper. I sketched out more refined versions of the ideas I liked, and eventually settled on two.
From there, I transferred my sketches back onto the computer, and tried to decide which design I was going to go with.
Once I had picked a design, I started refining the details and choosing colors. The far left image is the color of the original product. I ended up moving away from their color to the darker blue on the far right.
Clean Up
Finally, I cleaned up the label by removing some of the less important aspects, and added in details like the vines overlapping the letters, shadows under everything, and a texture over everything.
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